A community of specialty artisans dedicated to fair wages and beautiful products

Haiti focus:

The streets of Haiti are full of color, sounds, and tastes. Down a narrow street, many markets set up shop, selling items like sugar and vegetables. It is from this very experience that Konbit Collective is born. Having experienced the markets in Haiti, as well as in other beautiful places, we banded together to help give jobs and a place to belong to local vendors. 


We want you to experience a global marketplace, full of beautiful items carefully selected just for you.

In this marketplace, we want you to rest assured, each item is made by artisans and artisan groups dedicated to paying their workers living wages in their country. As Haiti is where this all began, you can expect to see many items from Haiti.

But, check back often as we hope to expand into other countries, as well.


About Konbit Haiti:

The word “Konbit” comes from the Haitian culture. It is a deeply ingrained word which explores the value of people coming together. When someone is in need in Haiti, people come alongside of one another and work until the job is done. We have seen it with our own eyes and are inspired by this corporate will to do good. The reason for Konbit Collective is to create more of that “konbit” goodness to spread around. We want people and groups working in all kinds of areas to feel inspired to join our cause to do good together. 

Konbit Collective is the social enterprise of Konbit Haiti, a non-profit working in rural Haiti.

Profits from our items are given back to those artisans who sell them, and help the programs under Konbit Haiti thrive.

Learn more here: www.konbithaiti.org

Our Story:

After a few friends had acquired nearly 10-years of international and local (US) experience, we decided that there were many things that stood in the way of people moving forward in their lives and having autonomy in their own right. One of the most basic things they saw? People need jobs. Having community all over Haiti and the world who have started artisan co-ops and employment structures, we believed the very best thing we could do is to come alongside of these groups to create a one-stop shop for people who want to do good with their purchases. 


We come with a variety of experiences, working with anti-trafficking groups, local and international non-profits, and more. However, our common thread is through Konbit Haiti. All of us are vital members of this organization and have seen how desperate people are for jobs - willing, talented, hard-working people - and we wanted to create this space with them in mind. We hope you get to know the stories behind these faces and products, and the countries behind the brand. 


Meet The Team

Steph Robinson

Natalie Wynn

Jenessa Peters

About Us:


Steph Robinson is originally from the Eastern Shore of Alabama and currently splits her time between coastal Haiti and coastal Alabama. She is one of the founders of Konbit Haiti, and is passionate about community development and indigenous leaders. After learning about the injustices surrounding work in Haiti, Steph became passionate about fair wages and job creation for people in Haiti and beyond. She holds a Master’s degree in International Community Development. She loves blueberries, sea turtles, and being outdoors (when it’s not too hot ). She currently works in Product Creation + Colloboration with Konbit Collective. Follow her on Instagram here.


Natalie Wynn spent the majority of her life in Newnan, Georgia but now calls Spanish Fort, Alabama home. Her heart has always been to serve and care for others and in turn has devoted most of her life in partnership and collaboration with non-profits. She is the Marketing Director for Konbit Haiti and Konbit Collective. In addition, she is a Life Coach and is truly passionate about helping women find freedom from the everyday injustices they face.  She loves coffee, candles and her cats! Follow her on Instagram here.


Jenessa Peters is Canadian and currently living in Toronto, Ontario. After spending 5 years living and working in Haiti, she is now the Canadian Coordinator for Konbit Haiti and is studying Human Rights at York University. She is passionate about conscious living and the importance of being a conscious consumer. She believes that simple, small changes can make a difference. Her greatest joys in life include deep conversations, beach days and coffee shops.  Follow her on Instagram here.


1305 Main Street  | Daphne, AL  | collective@konbithaiti.org

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