A Well Fund Update

As many of our shoppers and followers know, one of the ways we use the money from our boutique is to both support social enterprises and give money back into our community with Konbit Haiti. One of the more specific ways we do that is through the creation of The Well Fund. This fund was created in memory of one of our dear friends and co-creator of Petite Palm, Dani Troyer.

With each Petite Palm item sold since our launch, a portion of sales went to her organization to pay women a fair wage for working on the items. The rest of the money went to help women/mothers at-risk in our community in Haiti.

This December, the money made through these sales was spent in the following ways.

$50 was used for clothing for expectant mothers who had an expressed and felt need for clothing

$50 was used for formula, which is challenging to find in Haiti already, for mothers whose milk has either dried up due to malnutrition or who have difficulty breastfeeding for other reasons.

$50 was given towards wipes for mothers of infants who needed baby wipes

$100 was used for an expectant mother in-crisis.

Isn't it crazy to think that a purchase of earrings or a gift for a friend cannot only provide safe, wonderful working conditions and a fair-wage to someone, but can also meet some more urgent and tangible needs?

Check out some of our favorite Petite Palm items below.

These single-colored feather earrings are back in stock for us and we love them! Shop these here.

Our indigo 5-in-1 but really 1,000-in-1 cover is back in stock, as well. It's one of our top sellers and it is so beautiful and soft. Shop this here.

These trinity bracelets are difficult to keep in stock, but we have a few left! They are adorable with so much attention to detail and perfect for casual, everyday wear. Shop these bracelets here.

While each sale we have here goes to Konbit Haiti's programs, we are especially proud of the impact of the Well Fund and the memory it holds for Dani. Thank you for helping us keep her memory and passion alive, and thank you for standing with mommas in Haiti!


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