Dani Troyer was a mother and a wife who did life in Haiti for the last decade of her life. Nearly her entire adulthood was spent on the island of Hispaniola, working in the Caribbean sun. She was not only a mother and wife, but she was also a fierce advocate for women and children in Haiti. In 2017, she co-founded Mama Zwazo, now called Petite Palm. She worked tirelessly to make sure Haitian mothers could provide for their children, and more importantly, knew their worth. 


Dani was friends with two of our co-founders, Jenessa and Steph. She was one of the first people these two met on the island in 2010, and they were in awe of how easily she allowed each emotion to be felt in such a place that felt hard to feel. Throughout the years, their friendships remained and she continued to be an inspiration to them and others. 


In April of 2019, Dani suddenly passed away.

Her passing was difficult for all of her Konbit Haiti friends and on those who knew her life and light.


The Well Fund is dedicated to serving the most underserved in our community, specifically mothers in crisis.

When you purchase any Petite Palm products, the proceeds go toward the Well Fund.


We love Dani's goal of 2019:

"No fancy proclamations or wild goals, just a deep ache to be well and do well."


She did well, she did so well.


We are proud to call her our friend, and proud to remember her in this way.  

all images used with permission Lauren Neal Photography

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